Hundreds of thousands of runners all over the world are now running farther, faster and completely pain-free because they started applying ChiRunning® principles.

We will teach you the revolutionary running technique called ChiRunning®. First and foremost, we will focus on and correct your form. And not just your running form, but your posture, in general. The simple fact of the matter is this: we can’t run right if we can’t walk right, and we can’t walk right if we can’t stand right.

Unfortunately, for so many of us, years upon years of poor posture and bad habits have totally messed up our natural alignment and biomechanics. And poor alignment and biomechanics are the main reasons why we move without ease, and with soreness and pain.

Next, we will breakdown and explain the elements of efficient movement. We will explain to you what proper biomechanics is so that you’ll clearly understand and know right from wrong. And more importantly, we will make you feel it in your body.

Finally, we will help you move with nature instead of against it. Specifically, we will teach you “gravity-assisted running”. One of the most important ChiRunning® principles is that running should be as simple as falling forward continuously.

Hence, efficient running is not about leg strength or power. Efficient running is all about learning to lean forward properly so that gravity can do the work of propelling you forward instead of you using up so much energy to run!

*In case you’re wondering, we will also teach you how to run faster. However, unlike other running techniques that focus primarily on speed, we at Forward Lean Running believe that speed is a natural by-product of running with the proper form. Thus, you will end up running faster, but not before you learn to run with the correct form.